Craft Room Project: Access Opening Trimmed

Today was really kind of a lazy day for getting much done in the craft room. I did manage to trim out the access opening so it is ready for the door. Other than some much needed clean up of the nearly inch deep sawdust on my floor, I’m probably not going to get anything else done.

That access opening will allow me to get into a lower corner cabinet that is going underneath my countertop. Corner cabinets, especially lower ones, are one of my most hated features in my kitchen because you have to unload EVERYTHING to get to what is in the back corner. With this opening, that won’t be an issue. I’m not even going to put a door to this inside the craft room (I don’t think) because it is going to be such a pain to get to. I don’t love the idea of crawling around on my hands and knees to get to something, with the almost guarantee that I’ll smack my head on the counter on the way out.

I still need to do a little filling on the gaps and nail holes, but decided to do that when I work on the touch ups for the drawers.

Since I’m most likely not going to be able to get much done tomorrow either, depending on when my order shows up, I think I’m going to work on finishing up my designs for the interiors of my cabinets and starting to put together a materials list. The biggest problem with this is that I’m not certain what size raw materials I can get.

When working on the drawers, I realized that the huge 4 x 8 sheet of plywood is a major pain to work with and I had to have Hubby help me cut it down into workable pieces. I can’t exactly have him help me with all the sheets I need for my cabinets. Aside from a couple of areas where I might potentially need that larger size, I don’t think I need them that big. That and to get that size, I’ll have to rent a truck again.

It may be that I need to make a scouting run to a couple of stores to see what is available before I can complete my list, but that is one of the things I need to work on next.

4 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Access Opening Trimmed

    1. I’m so lucky on this because I do have access through to the other side of the wall which made that access possible. My other corner I can’t do that, so I’m pretty sure that is getting left open. There will still be shelves, but putting a door on it makes it that much harder to get to what is in the corner, so I think I’m leaving that open.

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