Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Outer Trim Finish

Not a whole lot of progress today. Between MC needing quiet because of a test, me needing breaks to record dance for BG, and my desire for “a little something extra” on the drawers, there wasn’t a lot I could get done today.

I did finish cutting all my side pieces for the rest of the drawers and I got the outer trim up and caulked. The drawers are going to have to wait a couple of days before I can assemble them because the “extra” I ordered may require me to shave them down a tiny bit so they still fit my openings. I had to order it, so Monday will be the earliest I can get back to the drawers and finishing this space.

My plan is to work on the access opening while I wait, so the time won’t be completely wasted. I realized today that I have to do some major timing of excess drywall before I can put the boards around the opening, so that is next on my to do list.

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