Craft Room Project: Surprise Inspection

When I went downstairs to add another coat of paint yesterday, I discovered that I had undergone an inspection. One that left behind evidence of a rather nosy, but careless inspector. It took me a bit to realize that is what happened.

One of my panels just looked like a couple of areas absorbed more paint than normal and was splotchy. I didn’t think anything of it and just repainted and moved on. When I saw this one, I figured it out.

Midnight, my introverted kitty that spends most of her time in the basement, got nosy. And ended up with paint on her paws. She must have slid a bit on that first panel so you couldn’t see the actual prints

I now have little paw prints on the plastic I have covering my table and I had to pick out a small amount of cat fur from that last panel. Thankfully, she didn’t get much on her as it was just dry enough not to make a huge mess, but what is there is going to take a bit for her to work out of the fur around her pads. I was also really grateful that the paint was still wet enough that I could easily just paint over it, but not so bad that she tracked it everywhere. Beyond the couple of prints on the plastic, there wasn’t a mess.

I have now blocked off all access to the basement again and it will stay that way until this project is done. Something that is a pain because there isn’t a door there anymore. Midnight wasn’t happy that her territory isn’t accessible and she was rather vocal about letting me know of her displeasure.

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