Craft Room Project: More Painting And Prep Work

Yesterday kind of felt like a waste even though it wasn’t. It was a whole lot of 5 minutes of adding wood filler followed by hours waiting for it to dry hard enough for me to sand it down. Normally, you really don’t have to wait that long, but there were areas where I had to get pretty thick and those took forever to completely cure so that when I sanded, parts wouldn’t flake off.

I’m not an overly patient person, so that was a trial for me. Everything looks amazing, so it was worth it. That and it gave me an excuse to have a day to take it a little easy and rest for a bit.

Today, I’m working on getting all the pieces painted that I need to start working on the drawers for the recessed area. One of the things that had me procrastinating on trying to start those was that I wasn’t 100% certain how I wanted to do the drawer faces. I wanted them to blend with how I was going to do the drawers in the rest of the cabinets, but these are way too small to do them the exact same. I finally figured it out last night. Or at least I have an idea how I want to do it, but I need to actually try to build one before I know if it is actually going to work.

I also got the materials I needed to finish off the access opening (that gives me access to a lower corner cabinet from the other side of the new wall). I decided that the door for that is the best place to do my first cabinet door since it won’t actually be in the craft room space. If I mess it up too bad, I don’t really care. But before I can do the door, I have to do the finish framing around the inside of that opening. I figured I might as well get the stuff and get it all painted at the same time.

All this painting means that today isn’t a whole lot different than yesterday. A sort period of time working, then a long period of time waiting for stuff to dry before I can do more. It’s the construction version of hurry up and wait.

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