Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Assembled

Just almost there!

Everything is painted, put back together and nailed into place. I’ve got all the gaps either caulked up or filled with wood filler. There will be some work to get a couple of those areas cleaned up and leveled out because I think a couple of the boards I used were a little warped and nothing I did got them to sit the way they needed to.

It isn’t perfect. I have a few mistakes and a couple of the spaces aren’t completely square, again in part because some of those boards were warped just enough to throw things off. Even with those imperfections, it looks really good.

I have to finish cleaning some things up before I can call this part done. The drawers for all those spaces still need to be built, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to tackle those next or start on the cabinets.

I’m really torn because I know those drawers are going to be a major pain and I want to procrastinate on them. I also know it would probably be smarter to do those first, giving me a little more practice on some of my techniques. That and messing up a small drawer would be a whole lot less expensive to fix than messing up an entire cabinet or door.

Most likely, the next step, no matter what I decide on the drawers is to get every last one of my panels painted. Those suckers are a pain in the butt to get to completely cover, so it would be so much better to paint them first.

I also still have to finish designing the interiors of a couple of cabinets, something that absolutely needs to be done soon because I’m going to need to start calculating what I need from my next materials run before I can start on those cabinets.

Today was a very long, but productive day with a lot of paint and wait, then paint and wait some more, rinse and repeat. I have a feeling I’m only going to get those touch ups done tomorrow before calling it a lazy day for the rest of the day.

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