Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Almost Ready For Paint

Today was kind of a mix of really good and not so good, but still a lot of progress.

Everything is cut, routered, and fitting together the way it should (mostly), including the cross dividers for the lower section that I forgot about yesterday. I got the paneling up and attached to the back wall, and the outer sides are all nailed into place.

I have a whole lot of work to do to clean some of my mistakes up and get this ready for paint. I decided that I’m going to add some additional trim around the upper shelf area to finish it off and to give it some extra support since I’m eliminating the dividers for the shelf underneath. There are a few pieces I need to trim down a little bit because with the paneling, they sit just a bit too far outside the opening.

Most of what is left is clean up before I can paint. I have to pull it all back down to make those minor tweaks and do any sanding and filling on the rough pieces along with those touch ups, but I should be ready to paint this in the next couple of days.

While this isn’t nearly as clean as I’d like it and things are not perfectly straight, once I do the clean up and get this painted, it is going to look really good.

7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Almost Ready For Paint

    1. This is just the recessed area. I have to build lower cabinets on 3 walls and upper cabinets and/or shelves in about a half to 2/3 of that same space (some areas are cabinets and some are just open shelves). I honestly think now that I’ve done this part, that it is possibly one of the most difficult of the entire project because of all the different pieces. Granted, I have started on the drawers yet, so It’s quite possible I’m wrong.

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      1. I feel pretty good about being able to pull off the rest better than this part. And yes, that is because I learned a lot doing this. Even if the insides of my cabinets don’t look great, they will function the way I want them to, so I’m not too worried about that. I have a little bit to go before I get there, so maybe by the time I do, I’ll feel even better about that part.

        Considering I’d never used over half the tools I’ve used for this or done anything even remotely like this before, I’m pretty frickin’ happy about how this is going so far.

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