Craft Room Project: Next Levels Recessed Area

Today was productive. I finished the first level with all the dividers today. I also got the grooves cut for the remaining shelves as well as the shelves themselves.

I had to stop and evaluate exactly how my next level dividers needed to be done because the way my sections would have lined up would have caused problems with the lower sections. I’m reworking that plan a little bit, but I figured out what I need to do. I’m just going to slightly change the size of the drawers for that level and make one central drawer a slightly different size so the divider spacing works better.

I put a few things in place to give context for the future use for some of those spaces (and to test fit). The photo makes that bottom section look a little bowed. It was, but not nearly as bad as it looks. It is also now fixed.

All the grooves I’m needing to router for this is giving me ample practice for doing the cabinet doors. After all I got done today, I think I finally have a good process in place to make them all cleaner and little tighter fitting.

So far, so good!

9 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Next Levels Recessed Area

    1. It was, in part, a bit of an optical illusion. Even using a level and measuring, it took me a bit to figure out where it was of the tiniest bit so I could fix it. When I get done today, you should be able to see a difference because it does look much better.

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