Visit From Jack Frost

Under normal circumstances, there isn’t any glass in this house that manages to form ice crystals. Mostly because everything is well insulated and the indoor temps are just too much for the ice to overcome.

Apparently that isn’t the case today with our front glass storm door.

I think it must be in part because Hubby was in and out of that door last night causing it to fog up when he was going to shovel the driveway and it just never got warmed back up after that. Whatever it was, when I went to open it this morning to look out front, there was no seeing out front. Just seeing an iced over door with a load of really pretty ice crystals clustering at the bottom.

Considering the thermometer was registering -9 this morning, it really isn’t all that surprising. Thankfully, we have finally broken back into the positive digits for the first time in more than 24 hours.

So far, we’ve been really lucky and haven’t been hit by any of the rolling blackouts that were a potential around here. I have a friend in another state that got hit by one that was only supposed to last maybe 30 minutes and was without power for over 2 hours and ended up with a frozen water pipe. And that was only one of the MANY times she ended up without power yesterday.

Our downtown voluntarily went dark for the night and almost every school in the area is closed today, even for virtual, both because of the weather and in an effort to not put a strain on the power grid. It’s kind of wild what’s going on right now.

I hope you all are staying in, staying safe, and staying warm where it is cold!

6 thoughts on “Visit From Jack Frost

  1. I’m watching a huge flock of robins eating from the grass out front. If that doesn’t signal early spring around here, nothing does! Snow and ice and cold are okay for about 2 days, then I want them all gone. I’m clearly not a winter person in any way. The door is lovely though!

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    1. I need to experience a decent amount of all 4 seasons to be happy, though cold is my least favorite and it had better come with at least a little snow to make it worthwhile. That said, I’m now officially ready to be done with winter. Bring on the warmer temps and the flowers. Please!

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