Craft Room Project: Table Base Painted

I got the table base painted and partially assembled today. I realized when I went to actually screw the pieces in place that I needed a really long drill bit, which I didn’t have. It is a good thing I probably wasn’t going to be able to work on this for the next several days because now I have to wait for that to show up before I can finish putting it together.

Table Base: Painted
Table Base: Painted

I also figured out that the dresser I wanted to use in the space and thought I couldn’t is actually going to fit. The plan before was to paint it the creamy white of the cabinets and paint the hardware to match what I pick for the cabinets. Thinking about it today, I decided that I’m still mostly going to do that, but I’m going to take it a step beyond that and refinish the top to match the gray I’m going to use on the counters. I’m so thrilled by the idea because the whole thing is going to look fabulous when it is done.

Dresser To Be Painted
Dresser To Be Painted

With being able to use the dresser and my plans to also use the other cabinet, I now have two big pieces I can reuse in this space. I’m already using the ugly gray cabinet in another area so that really only leaves the crappy desk that my jewelry bench was sitting on and a really wobbly and damaged but beautiful antique table that I don’t know what I’m going to do with.

I really love the table, but it is in pretty bad shape and needs major work. You can actually just see the top edge of it under the new table base in the first photo. The biggest problem it has is that it’s top is split in a way that I’m not certain is fixable. I’ve considered taking it apart and using the pieces for other things but I really cringe at the thought.

I am thrilled that I’m going to be able to make use of at least 2 of the older pieces.

8 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Table Base Painted

    1. It was apparently painted originally and someone wanted to refinish it, started stripping the paint, but didn’t ever really finish. The top and sides are really clean, but the legs, which are full of details and probably why they stopped, are still a mess. The wood is a beautiful red oak but it was left bare and untreated for so long that when it was used extended (not nearly enough support for that even though it was made to do that) it split the top on one side. The legs are also starting to show cracks from being too dry. One of the other issues I have with it is that I have zero use for it and no place to use it. I was thinking about it after I made this original post and I’m seriously considering turning it into a console type of table if I can make it work. The thought is that I might keep the intact side and move the legs of the split side. The legs might still be an issue (and why I didn’t use them for the base of my new table). I have no idea if it will work and will need to measure it all out when I can get to it again, but it is one of the ideas I’m tossing around.

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