Craft Room Project: Plans & Table Base

My table base showed up today!

Table Base Pieces
Table Base Pieces

I’ll have to do some light sanding and painting before I can start putting this together, but it is here. It is the first piece I need done before I can start building my cabinets so I can make sure everything is the same finished height. I’m absolutely stunned and how quickly this showed up.

I also finished my new layouts for the cabinets.

Cabinet Layout Plans - 2nd Round
Cabinet Layout Plans – 2nd Round

I have one corner I haven’t decided on for certain as to how I want it to work, but everything else is done.

I actually took the time to color code this so it was easier to tell what was upper cabinet, what was lower cabinet and what was counter top. It is so nice and clean now in comparison to my original drawing. For the most part, the changes are on the small side with little tweaks here and there to make every space work better and more efficiently as well as fitting around the outlets. I think I have it all down to how I want it.

The time it takes to work on the table, which is my next step, will allow me to work through the new changes in my head to make sure everything is how I want it. Then, I’ll have to actually plan out each individual cabinet so I can figure out materials. I have a feeling I’m going to need Hubby in on that to make sure I don’t absolutely botch the math, which is prone to happen.

4 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Plans & Table Base

    1. I have a very messed up relationship with math. Numbers tend to make my brain turn off. I can handle bigger complex equations and problems but will utterly botch it all in the simple math. I laugh and say I need my human calculator. I’ve never known anyone who can do the math so effortlessly as my husband.

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