Craft Room Project: Reworking Cabinet Layout

Between the couple of tweaks I wanted to to make and the tweaks I have been forced to make now that the walls and outlets are all in place, I’ve had to do some changes to the cabinet layout.

I realized that the switches by where my jewelry bench is going are behind where I planned to put a cabinet. I didn’t catch this until the drywall was in and too late really to move. That one is going to be a bit of a bitch to rework. I’m probably going to have to turn the existing box where they are mounted into a junction box and run a new wire so I can put a box on the inside of the cabinet so the switches sit on the side instead of on the back wall. That won’t be fun and I’ll lose a little bit of space where the box will be inside the cabinet, but it is doable.

The overall height of my upper cabinets got dropped by about 5 inches because of the lowered drop along the new wall. I decided to adapt it all the way around the room so that the line stays the same throughout the room. It worked out well because the recessed shelf area sits right in that range as well.

I made a change to the corner shelf unit to make more counter top work space and that ran into a problem with one of my outlets. I think I know what I need to do to solve both of those issues, but I’m still working on getting it drawn out.

I’ve got tape marks on the floor and walls for most everything so that I could confirm what changes needed to be made and what the new measurements are so I can do up a whole new grid to work off of.

I also decided that I’m completely eliminating a cabinet section. I didn’t like how it was looking when I drew it out on the floor. I’m trying to keep things looking and feeling as open as I can and that made things feel really closed off as it was closer to the stairs. Instead, I’m going to take one of the existing cabinets I had in that space and remake the doors to match the new cabinets. With that and painting it the same, it should blend in really well. I also really like that it reuses something I really didn’t know what I was going to do with as I didn’t have a use for it anymore.

One of the things I spent time deciding today was whether or not I need to level the floor. I did a few things to check how off it was and it really isn’t bad at all, so I don’t have to do that. It is such a HUGE relief that I was able to eliminate it.

My table base is supposed to be here today, so that will most likely be the next piece on my to do list along with reworking my grid layout. I’m kind of back to the point of little visible progress, but it is still progress.

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