Craft Room Project: Change of Plans

I was all ready to at least prep the room for the floor today. I found out last night that the flooring itself needs to really be in the space for 48 hours before it can be installed to acclimate to the room, so I knew I probably wouldn’t get to any actual installing today, but I still needed to get some prep-work done.

I start scraping up the chunks of drywall mud and I’m realizing that the floor really probably isn’t as level as it should be. I go to research whether or not I need to level it before I can start installing the new floor, but that lead to a rabbit hole of a whole other problem that I had no clue about. Apparently, you really aren’t supposed to install cabinets on top of laminate flooring because it prevents it from expanding and contracting as needed.

So, I now have to swap my plans around and start working on the cabinets first, which I really wasn’t quite ready for. I knew I was going to most likely need to make adjustments to my original plans, but I hadn’t started really working on those things. Now I no longer have a choice because the cabinets need to come first.

Now that I realize they can’t be installed on the floor, I have to figure out what I do need to install them on concrete, so that is going to be fun.

This is what happens when you have plans but they aren’t completely fleshed out and you try to fly by the seat of your pants for parts of it. It comes back to bite you in said seat of your pants. Apparently it is now time for a deeper research phase of this project and for my panic about my ability to actually pull of the cabinet builds to settle in.

In the mean time, I have a couple of filters that showed up and need installing, so the craft room is temporarily on hold. I guess I really did need a break.

7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Change of Plans

  1. Just keep doing what you are doing. I know those things will help you in the end since this article is so helpful. But first you need to have a checklist before doing anything because it might help you save time and effort.


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