Craft Room Project: Ready For Floor? Possibly

I finished painting the insides of the doors, the closet, and the railing today, so I should be done with paint for a while. At least until I’m ready to work on the cabinets. Even then, I think I may do most of the painting on those, or at least pieces of those, in the garage.

All the door knobs are on and all the plate and vent covers are in place, so I am ready for them to come back out and reinspect, which was my main target in pushing to get all of these done.

I also realized today that I did something that I really knew better than to do. I taped my already painted walls so that I could paint my trim. There are reasons I don’t tape. Mostly because it can be really messy and ugly if your paint gets under the tape. I thought I could do a good enough job to not need to worry about it and painting over the trim paint to touch up mistakes is a pain, so I opted for tape.

When I took it off today to start my clean up when I thought I was done, I was reminded of ALL the reasons I really don’t like to use tape.

Why You Should Never Tape
Why You Should Never Tape

I had forgotten that if you have any paint on the tape that is really thick, the tape tears and leaves pieces on the wall that are nearly impossible to get off. And, even though this is painters tape that is supposed to be completely safe on painted surfaces, you can still sometimes have it pull off paint. The tape did ALL of those things. On all of my doors.

So I had a whole lot of repairs, clean up, and touch up painting to do today on my already painted walls. Because of course I would!

Honestly, I probably should have just painted the trim before I painted the walls, but, again, I really didn’t want to have to paint over any trim paint with the wall paint, so I did it the other way around. When I paint, I don’t usually have to paint the trim, so I just really wasn’t thinking about the logistics of it all. At least not clearly anyway.

It is all, mostly, touched up now. I have a couple of spots that didn’t completely cover and I’ll need to hit them again, but I’m just going to do that when I have the paint out to finish off the stairs. I’m so done painting for now.

Assuming I don’t do anything else incredibly stupid that delays me even more, I should be good to go to start on my flooring tomorrow.


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