Craft Room Project: Adrenaline Crash

I apparently hit a brick wall with regards to my energy and motivation today, because all I managed to accomplish was to get the doors and trim caulked up and ready for paint. After that… nada.

There just wasn’t the energy to get everything set up to paint today, so I just took the afternoon off to be an absolute slug. I think the high stress and effort over the last couple of days was a tiny bit more than I could handle without some downtime and my body was giving me some warning that if I kept it up, it would take me down whether I wanted to go or not. I can only hope that the lazy afternoon is all I needed and I can get back to it again tomorrow.

Last night I did manage to get the new trim on the door that was moved. Even though I was stressed about actually cutting those pieces correctly, I managed it. Mostly. My measurement was off a little bit, but in an area that you will never notice, so I’m good with my first ever trimming out of a door.

I may not have gotten much done today, but it is still nice to see those baby steps of progress.

8 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Adrenaline Crash

    1. I’m a little surprised it took this long for me to crash as that is sort of a pattern for me to have my energy levels crash after a major project. I don’t think I have ever done anything big this big before and those high levels of energy aren’t sustainable for long periods of time. Even yesterday wasn’t close to what I normally feel, so it has me a little worried about how badly I’m going to crash and be out of commission when this is fully completed. Maybe if I keep doing days like yesterday, it won’t be so bad.

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      1. I might be able to get away with something like that when I’m not painting. Once that mess is out, I don’t want to stop until that piece is done because it is a pain to clean up and put away. I’m almost done with that part for a while, though.

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    1. I hear you! My new table saw is intimidating the hell out of me and I’m kind of terrified to even take it out of the box. It is the one tool I haven’t even tested out yet, so that is going to be a fun experiment. I’m gonna be keeping the little digits well away from the blade at all times.

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