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Snowy Nest

I’m trying really hard not to feel too satisfied that I was right and the contractor guy was WAY wrong, but… I am totally satisfied by that fact.

The electrical box that they installed for my main light was NOT in fact a standard box no matter how much the guy swore it was, but one designed specifically for a ceiling fan. Even then, it is a funky design that requires you to mount your fixture not to the box itself, which IS standard on pretty much every single box out there, but through the box and into the beam in the ceiling. I haven’t ever heard of a fixture mount like this before and they don’t look all that popular because you can’t just go grab one off the shelf.

The only reason we figured that out was because both Hubby and I had to do some deep digging in researching what we had. Hubby won the search race and found the actual installation instructions for our box that explained what you are supposed to do. It also said it came with the mounting screws, something we did not get.

I now know why the existing hardware for my fixture didn’t work. I also know exactly what I need now, but I don’t have it, so it is yet another trip to get screws so I can get this light installed. The one bright side to this is that I can avoid having to get the electrician back out because I can still install this myself now that I know what kind of a mess they put up.

I do have to put the temporary back up so I can actually get some work done today, though.

In looking for the positive side of things, I’m so exceptionally grateful that my husband is infinitely patient and willing to make a hundred trips to the store for me. He can’t always take care of it all and I do sometimes have to go out, but he makes sure it is the absolute minimum.

Today’s to do list is to start painting the trim and doors and putting up the new trim on the old door.

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