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Craft Room Project: Mascot Must Be Murphy

All I wanted to do today was get the touch ups done around the outlets, start prepping the trim and doors for paint and maybe, MAYBE, install the main light. The touch ups and prep were relatively easy, though I may still have to consider a couple of larger plate covers because I am not thrilled with the look, and the trim around the new doors was an absolute disaster (someone went staple happy and left a crap ton of holes that needed to be filled), but fixable.

Getting up my light fixture? Isn’t happening today.

Why? (Damn, I’ve asked that SO many times throughout this project)

Because the screws that came with my light, the ones used to install this initially on the old box with zero issues, do not work on the new box.

It’s not like light fixtures come with a variety of sizes. It is a standard thing. I’ve installed maybe a dozen lights and ceiling fans over the years, including in a 100+ year old home, and not ONCE did I ever have a problem installing a fixture because the screws were the wrong size.

I called the main guy and, so frickin’ typical, was given the run around and the insistence that what they installed was standard and typical. No. It isn’t or this would have worked. He tells me that sometimes you have to get a different mounting bracket and screws to get it to fit. Um… this CAME with a specific mounting bracket and screws. And AGAIN it worked just fine on the old box.

So, in other words, the company isn’t going to do jack shit and I’m on my own to try and figure this out. And spend more money doing so.

I’m pissed and frustrated and kind of just want to sit down and cry because not one damn thing in this has been easy, even the stuff that absolutely should have been. If they’ve touched it, it most likely had a problem. I’m tired and sore and feeling kind of crap because I’ve been working my ass off the last couple of days to get to the point where I can finally get these assholes out of my hair for good and I just keep hitting road blocks.

I’m not doing anything else the rest of the day outside of going with Hubby to Home Depot to try and get what I need to fix this newest pain in my ass they’ve left me with.

And I don’t even want to talk about the fact that I have zero clue which breaker they put my outlets on because it sure as hell isn’t anywhere it would have been obvious. With my luck, they tied it into the furnace or something else equally stupid and would be very bad if the breaker tripped.

2 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Mascot Must Be Murphy

    1. I had thought I was already at the point where I was passed anything that they could have been messed up. I was apparently wrong. I mean, I literally went to every single new outlet and plugged a light in just to make sure they didn’t screw those up. That is how little I trusted them to actually do something right. I never could have imagined this problem. Fingers crossed that THIS one was the last. Toss in some toes, too because I need all the luck I can get.

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