Craft Room Project: Main Walls Painted

I didn’t quite get as much done today as I’d hoped, because yet again, I ran into a couple of issues.

I did manage to get the walls in the craft room itself edged out and painted, which was the bulk of what I wanted to accomplish today.

Craft Room: Edging Out The Walls
Craft Room: Edging Out The Walls

I don’t bother to tape anything when I paint because I’ve learned over the years that I do a much cleaner job if I just freehand it very carefully. It also takes a whole lot less time than taping and then cleaning up the places that the tape didn’t quite sit right. I edge everything that the roller can’t hit and then just a little over that so that I can have a good overlap of coverage.

Craft Room: Finished Paint on Walls, Stair Side
Craft Room: Finished Paint on Walls, Stair Side

The color looks amazing and covered better than I expected after I had to do the two coats on the ceiling. I didn’t paint the lower section of the walls where cabinets are going to go, so that blank area is intentional.

Craft Room: Finished Paint on Walls, Recessed Shelf Wall
Craft Room: Finished Paint on Walls, Recessed Shelf Wall

I made the decision when I started edging that I wasn’t going to do the stair walls right away. With all that is going to be going up and down until this is finished, I’m waiting until everything else is done first that way I can easily fix anything that might get dinged up along the way.

I had intended to get the plate covers on the outlets and switches as well as potentially put up my main light, but the covers became a problem. The drywall guys cut all the openings just a bit too big, so I have to go back and either mud a couple of areas or paint quite literally to the very edge of the drywall. As it is now, I was able to get up 2 covers with out issue out of 10 boxes.

When I realized I had to get the paint back out after cleaning up and not even being able to paint the worst until I repaired it, I decided I was done for the day as I didn’t want to mess with it. It goes on my to do list for tomorrow along with prepping the doors and trim for paint.

I do love my walls though. It always amazes me how much a coat of paint can completely change a room. In this case, take it a huge leap towards looking more finished.

5 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Main Walls Painted

    1. They do make oversize covers, but I’m not a huge fan of the look. I think that for the most part, I can make these work and still have it look good, it’s just extra work I hadn’t counted on. There is one that I may have to go that route anyway, though.

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