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Craft Room Project: Drywall, Taping, & Mudding

After a late start (because of course they didn’t show up on time and didn’t let us know) of nearly 11 am, we got the remaining drywall installed and they started the taping and mudding of the seams, screws and any “oops” places along the way.

I had pretty high hopes to see more done, including the corners in place, but with the late start and them still bugging out at around 3:30, they only put in about 4 hours of work, so not as much got done as I’d expected. There are a couple of places that I need to get some clarification on, like the fact they covered my access opening in the new wall. It is easy enough to cut out, but it seems odd that it isn’t already.

There is also a really weird sort of “jog” between new wall and old that really shouldn’t exist. It should match up evenly and be smooth, but for some reason, they didn’t make that happen. The top sticks out farther than the bottom and creates a gap. I don’t know if this was a framing issue or what, but there isn’t an excuse for that. You can’t see it well, but it is in the first photo below near the top where there is an obvious change in color from the small wall over the door into the cat room and the wall next to the stairs.

Finished Drywall: Entrance to "Cat Room"
Finished Drywall: Entrance to “Cat Room”
Finished Drywall: Back Wall & Recessed Shelf Space
Finished Drywall: Back Wall & Recessed Shelf Space
Finished Drywall: Closet & Storage Space
Finished Drywall: Closet & Storage Space

I’m really trying hard to not be cranky about little shit, because if it bothers me bad enough, I can fix most of it. As long as they take care of the parts I can’t do, then I need to be okay with it. I’m also keeping the calm with the mantra of “Only 2 more days! Only 2 more days!”

It is incredible to see walls that are so close to being ready for paint. That part makes me very happy.

7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Drywall, Taping, & Mudding

      1. We had a pool and lanai built when we lived in South Florida. The pool contractors were pretty good, but those guys building the lanai were awful. Every day my husband would take his level out and show them that he expected the lanai frame to be square. It was an ongoing fight. We won. They had to completely redo it. I think they thought since we’d moved there from Kansas that we didn’t understand anything.

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      2. This concept that the people that hired you don’t know squat because they aren’t doing the work is infuriating. I refuse to be so nitpicky that I become like my FIL that gets pissed when his lawn people knock some rocks from his flower bed an inch or two into his yard and fires them because of it, but I’m also not going to allow someone to do really crappy work in my house.

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      3. Yes. We aren’t crazy perfectionists, but when some mistake, or lazy work ethic issue impacts the safety of a structure we get pretty serious. That lanai survived three separate hurricanes while we lived in the house, while our neighbor’s didn’t.

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