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Cookie Day

I did a whole lot of procrastinating, but these finally got done. I do love doing these, but I HATE mixing up all the batches of icing and getting them colored. It just really seems to take forever. When you are still feeling like crap, the thought of having to put in all that work just seems overwhelming.

We still had a blast. Again, I love the fact that both of my kids still love to do these every year. We got Hubby to jump in and decorate with us this year, too, which was even more fun.

Sadly, I STILL have two other things on my list of stuff I was supposed to bake for the holidays that hasn’t gotten done yet. I’m thinking they sound just as good being New Year’s treats.

6 thoughts on “Cookie Day

  1. Great decorating. I have never gotten the hang of that kind of icing. I will bake anything but don’t ask me to decorate them! Funny I was making cookies and treats and I wasn’t even aware of the fact that some that I did make the family considered a tradition.

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    1. I would say that this icing is really easy, but for some reason, this year’s icing is being weird. Normally this will harden up, but even today it is still on the sticky side. It still tastes great, but it is just being weird. I guess that is just par for the course this year. It is interesting to find out that others view things as tradition that you’d never thought of it that way.

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    1. It’s always fun to see what everyone will come up with. We all had a good laugh when MC realized that he accidentally made Elmo when he started trying to do a Santa. Once he realized that, he just left it because there is no way to see it any other way after that, no matter what he did! LOL!

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