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Craft Room Project: Construction Day 2

Day two of construction was good. The guys had no problems fixing the issue with the one wall, but it took a bulk of their time here working on that piece.

It looks like with the adjustments (and so glad I caught them when I did), I’ll end up with the finished space being as close to perfect as possible as far as measurements go to fit my counter tops. Massive yay in my book.

Recessed Shelf Area and Build Ou
Recessed Shelf Area and Build Out

I took the above shot at a sharper angle so you can see the depth that section of wall and the recessed shelf area is going to have. Seriously, the guys did it exactly as I asked. You can also see my new exhaust fan at the top.

New Wall and Start Of Arched Opening
New Wall and Start Of Arched Opening

The only other bit they were able to get done was the new wall that finishes off what gets closed in. They still have to create the header around that beam and create the surround for the opening to the rest of the basement.

They also have another small space that they will need to cut out and frame in on the new wall that looks like it got overlooked. I have an access opening planned for the lower left portion of that wall to give me access to the lower corner cabinet that is going to go in the craft room.

The original estimate was that the framing would be finished by Friday, but with the rework of the recess and build out, it looks like that is going to stretch into Monday now. It was sounding like we might have had a pause in the work at that point waiting for the electrician to come start their part, but with the expected framing finish being on Monday, I’m hoping there won’t be much of a gap.

It is really starting to look like a room now!

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