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Craft Room Project: Construction Day 1

I’m calling yesterday day 1 of construction because they didn’t start actually building anything until yesterday. The day before was doing a lot of measuring and laying out of walls, but no visible progress.

Yesterday was a whole lot of visible.

We now have the framing in place for a new doorway into the “cat room” storage space. This is the home of the litter boxes and the source for one of my biggest peeves in the basement: kitty litter dust. Not the actual litter pieces, but the dust it produces ends up on EVERYTHING. The hope is that with a door there, one with a cat door, will help to keep that problem to a minimum.

Wall Framing And New Doorway
Wall Framing And New Doorway

They also got the framing done for the entire back 2 walls. Except… I’m probably going to piss them off today because one of those sections is supposed to have been built out (not sure if they were still planning on doing that) and then had the frame work for some recessed shelves that isn’t there.

Back Corner Wall Framing
Back Corner Wall Framing


The section in question is from the pipe to about the corner. That whole section is supposed to be built out to sit about 11 inches from the concrete wall. I need that to be precise because I already have my counter tops. Having that measurement off will make my life extremely difficult when the guys are done if it isn’t accurate.

They have a late start today because they had to go fix something on a previous job, so the head guy is probably not going to be too thrilled when he shows up today and I have to tell him they are probably going to have to redo a whole section.

I’ll take credit for part of this as I don’t think I was very clear when we were talking about the recessed area. I didn’t actually get this piece addressed fully in walking through the layout originally because we got stopped at that point and were supposed to resume the next day, but the guys doing the work never asked again for specifics on that wall before starting. That and I think that my original plan wasn’t going to work exactly the way I’d laid it out and needs to be tweaked, though I probably would have caught on to that if we’d gotten to go over the details of that part before they started building that wall. So the miss on the recessed portion is understandable. The miss on the build out, something that got brought up several times, isn’t so much.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the guys and the work they are doing. That may change depending on how they respond to fixing that wall. The head guy seems personable enough to take it in stride, but you never know.

Fingers crossed it goes well today. I’m just giddy about seeing any kind of progress that I can’t help but be excited, even with this little bump.

7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Construction Day 1

    1. That crap is on everything. I dread getting my bins of holiday decorations out because it is so bad. I’m still not entirely sure how it manages to spread so much. Think I can teach my cats to wipe their feet?

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      1. I’m really hoping that having a rug on either side of the door will help to cut that down some. I know I won’t be able to get rid of it all, but every little bit helps.

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