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My Chicks Are All Home In The Nest

I just got done unloading MC back at home until at least after the first of the year. He will be home for the remainder of his first semester at college and, fingers crossed, hopefully all of next semester as well.

We’ve moved all his stuff back home to be on the safe side and to avoid needing to go to campus after Thanksgiving to pick stuff up if they do determine he doesn’t need to live in a dorm next semester. If he does, we will just do like we did to get his stuff home and bring it in batches. He isn’t a “stuff” kind of guy, so there wasn’t a ton.

So many things around here have changed in the last few days. A lot of things are being forced back into all virtual or reduced capacity and gathering limits. As usual, this was lead by our mayor and not our governor. I’m grateful that our city government sees how important these things are for everyone.

This doesn’t do much to impact BG’s schedule much. Her dance will go online for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, but they’ve not said anything at all about their Christmas program. I’m still standing firm on my position that if they attempt to do so with masks being optional, she will not be participating.

It is my fervent hope that people in this country will abide by the CDC’s new recommendations for no travel over Thanksgiving. That people will stay home and pick up the phone or do a zoom call with their distant family and loved ones instead. That they can find peace in knowing they did their part to ensure everyone’s family is still there for them next Thanksgiving.

For us, we are officially hunkered down for a while in our little nest. I’m a happily relieved momma to know that my chicks are home and safe.

6 thoughts on “My Chicks Are All Home In The Nest

      1. I no sooner had to pull Joey out of hybrid than the district turned around and sent *everyone* to work at home…the same time my other two halted classes at U of M! Happy dance!

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      2. There is still so much going on, especially here, that blows my mind. I just do not get it. At least we have some options and I’m taking full advantage. BG will be doing online for the rest of the year, no matter what the school does, so that makes me feel LOADS better, especially after our governor rolled back the requirements for quarantine against CDC recommendations. Control what little we can.

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      3. I know! I may actually be looking forward to winter this year. We went from options here to no choice…but the “no choice” works out great for all of us since I’m already working from home. Our governor is pushing harder than before with the new restrictions and she keeps getting death threats 🤦‍♂️ Like you say…mind blown. But in another way, is anything really surprising anymore!?

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