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Contractor Search: Color Me Surprised

To be completely honest, after the mess this has been from the start and the number of no shows or no call-backs I’ve had, I’m actually really surprised the guy showed up for today’s appointment. And on time.

Even more surprising, especially after that questionable first phone conversation, he seems to be a decent guy. Knowing how I felt about this guy after that call, I really didn’t expect this appointment to go well, but it really did.

I don’t have numbers yet, so I’m not jumping ahead of the game yet, but I liked what this guy had to say today. I like their process. I like the fact he didn’t try to pressure me in any direction and just took what I asked for and got the clarifications he needed and left it at that. It was kind of refreshing, actually.

I also adore the fact that they are only about 3 weeks out on their lead time as opposed to not being able to start until January like the last company is.

It is still going to come down to numbers, but today left me more hopeful than I’ve been about this project after all the bumps and sticker shock so far.

9 thoughts on “Contractor Search: Color Me Surprised

    1. I absolutely despise the process, yet I’m almost always the one to do most of it because I’m the one that has the most time. Granted, I would be anyway because this one is all mine, but it is just going to make me not want to even consider any other projects for a very long time.

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    1. Yes, that’s who this one was. Hubby was with me during the appointment and the guy didn’t show any signs at all of wanting to dismiss me in an effort to talk to Hubby instead or talk down to me, so I think his question was just one of those well intentioned, but poorly thought out kind of things. If I’d seen any signs of misogyny today, I wouldn’t care how low his bid or how soon he could get to the project, I wouldn’t have gone with him.

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