Glistening Web

I’m a happy camper today. I tripped across another way to still sneak into classic mode on WP instead of being forced to use the block editor! Fingers crossed they don’t remove that backdoor!

That and this is one of the better spider web shots I’ve gotten. I’m mostly pleased with this one. Of course, it was again a windy day (WHY do they only build these when it is windy?) so it still isn’t the best ever, but still very nice.

8 thoughts on “Glistening Web

  1. Awesome photo. I have had zero luck getting a good shot of a spider web. Of course I only have my iPhone for a camera, but still I should be able to capture the beauty of the web somehow!

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    1. Lighting and background are so important to get it to show on a camera. One of the reasons I couldn’t get more in focus was if I moved just a little bit on this one, I lost the darker background that allowed the lighter colored web to pop. It also shows up a lot better when you are closer to either sunrise or sunset because of the angle of the light.

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