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Pale Pink Rose Of Sharon

This one is not one of the best of the bunch, but still pretty. There may be a few of those for the next several days thanks to my seemingly epic talent of managing to hurt myself while essentially sitting still.

I still don’t know what exactly is off, but I’ve done something that makes pretty much all movement and non-movement painful. Even breathing. Breathing is painful. How did I pull off this miraculous feat?

By sitting at my sewing machine.

That’s it. No weird movement. No falling out of my chair. Just sitting. Bent over my machine working on more masks. It takes some serious skills to pull that off, ya know!

I had a slightly sore back after sitting and making those nearly 60 dance masks over a couple day period, a longer time period than I’ve done the last several days, but that is all it was. Just a little sore and achy. I do 12 for MC, pretty much the exact same thing I did before, and I manage to mess something up so bad that any movement and even just sitting still if I’m not in the exact right position makes me want to cry.

I honestly cannot figure out why or what I did so I’m just going with the fact that I have discovered an amazing new talent. The kind of amazing no one wants any part of, but… hey! It’s AMAZING!

I’d offer to spread that amazing by sharing it with you so you could experience being amazing too, but I’m not that mean. Or would that be selfish if I don’t want to share?

See what happens when I’m running on no sleep? All the stupid starts to just slip out.

But, hey! MC has masks to take to campus when he moves!

10 thoughts on “Pale Pink Rose Of Sharon

    1. I’m a lot better tonight than I was this morning. Bedtime will tell me if that’s actually true or if it is just the way I’ve been able to sit during the day.


      1. Either way if it’s easing off even for a tiny bit that means it will probably gradually start to take a hike! I always start to worry when there’s like….*no* improvement, not even a touch! 😭

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      2. The whole thing is just weird. I found a way to sit still where I don’t feel a thing. I thought I was well on my way to healing whatever it was and then I got up to work on dinner. In less than 5 minutes it was flaring back up and I was having to be careful how I moved. At least it no longer hurts to breathe! THAT is ALWAYS fun.


      3. Ooh yeah, I just love when I mistake rib cage muscle spasms for another heart attack! 😂😂😂 Now that’s what i call a party!

        Lord….late night humor 🤦‍♂️ I’ve been riding the slap happy, no sleep train.

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  1. As I have become older, I am amazed at the little things that can suddenly become painful! A few days ago, I reached for something on my bedside table that was a bit far away and so I stretched. Pow! I gave myself a cramp in my side – couldn’t
    believe it.

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    1. I hear you! At least most of the time I know what I’ve done. Knowing me, I just forgot what I did. Another joy of getting older. The holes in my swiss cheese brain are getting much bigger! lol!

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