Comet Watch: NEOWISE Part 2

I really wanted to see if I could manage to get shots of NEOWISE that were a bit better than my first attempt. I decided to use my wide angle lens instead of my zoom. They are much clearer shots, but obviously not nearly as close.

I’m really pleased with them, though. There is something about the clouds that were around that really add something to the photos.

Even though these aren’t as close as the first round, I like that these also help to show how small this comet really is and how difficult it may be to spot in the sky with the naked eye. Even knowing where it was and what to look for, it still took me a while before I found it last night.


8 thoughts on “Comet Watch: NEOWISE Part 2

    1. I wish I had better ones, but I think I’d really need a different lens to pull it off. And probably a whole lot more knowledge about dark sky photography and post camera processing. Still, really glad I was able to pull off what I did and happy to share.

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