Shape Of Water Series #4

Do you see the dancer? I didn’t notice this the first several times I went through my images, but I finally saw her and love it! Apparently, water that isn’t in cloud form can still inspire you to look for images in it’s shapes.

8 thoughts on “Shape Of Water Series #4

    1. Thanks! I did a batch of similar photos last year. I was swimming with the kids in the early evening and just loved the play of the light on the water and wanted to attempt to get some pictures. What I got were some amazing shots that make the water look like ice in some. I wanted to see if I could duplicate the look and feel of those again this year. I’ve been pleased, though I didn’t have quite so many turn out as good as last year’s batch did. The ones that did are still incredible.

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      1. I remember reading a book about subliminal advertising back in the 70’s or 80’s. According to that book any images one sees in an ice cube in an advertisement was added by an artist in order to invoke some subliminal message to make consumers NEED the product. It was all fascinating, but I’m not sure if it’s actually true.

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