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Technical Difficulties

One of the quickest ways to turn a good day into a crap one is to have problems with your technology.

I have spent way too much of my day either attempting to get yet another problem fixed on my computer (spoiler alert: didn’t get it fixed) or researching how much it would cost to get a new one (ugh! really?) because I’ve about had it.

I absolutely hate that when it comes to technology, there are very few options for keeping old tech functioning well, especially computers. I wast just forced to get a new tablet, so I really don’t want to be forced to get a new computer, but I may not have a choice soon.

As of right now, I’m running, just not well. I’m also apparently at a point where my computer isn’t going to run anymore updates for software that I pay a subscription for. I cannot even manage to uninstall it in an effort to install a clean version (and yes, all the virus scans have been run and are clean).

When I got the new Adobe products, I ran into some compatibility issues, but it was on some of the pieces I probably won’t use and only needed the one for a project BG was doing for school. I figured as long as I’m still able to run and do what I need to do, I should be fine. I’ve always tried to be of the mind that I will run something in the ground before I’m forced to replace it.


I’m constantly getting kicked off the internet for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with our service as I’m the only one that ever gets bounced, and only with my computer. If it were a simple disconnect, I’d probably deal with it, but it requires a restart of my computer. Every time. Sometimes multiple times a day.

I could go on for days about all the issues I have with simple tasks taking way too long to complete (restarting being a biggie), and lately, some of them just failing instead. To an extent, this is something that speaks to this now highly ingrained need for instant anything all the time, but I shouldn’t need to go take a potty break or a coffee break while I’m waiting for my computer to load something basic. It reminds me of dial up in the 90’s.

I upgraded my ram a couple of years ago when I first started having problems (did a check and I’m at almost 5 years old on this one) and that made a huge difference and I seemed to have averted the need to upgrade for a while. Sadly, the last 6 months or so have been an exercise in patience and frustration and theorizing the ability for a laptop to fly through a window or a wall. Or how it would hold up under the weight of my car as I run over it. Repeatedly. After chucking it into the street.

Some days are way better than others, even to the point where I may not have a single issue for a few days. Then you hit days like today where every single thing works like crap or doesn’t work at all and I waste so much time trying to get things working again.

That makes it even harder to make the decision to get a new one because this one IS working, just in an exceptionally crappy way. It is really hard to justify replacing something that technically still works. Especially when the issue is most likely one small piece of a bigger whole that is either outdated or going bad (or in my case, potentially a combination of those two). It seems like such a ridiculous waste.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I can eek out some more time before I’m forced to give in to the inevitable. I will be on constant back up mode, just in case, though.

7 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Computers are supposed to make our life easier except when they don’t. I am pretty sure that since I have had my current laptop for at least six years I am operating on borrowed time and I wonder if I should be backing up files before it dies. It makes me crazy. My phone keeps kicking me off the internet and only me and I know that is over 5 years old too. It drives me nuts that these items have planned life span.

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    1. I have so many photos on my computer that the thought of losing them makes me ill. I try to remember to back up to my external hard drive often, but my luck will probably run out and my computer will die when I have a couple of months worth that haven’t been backed up because I forgot. As much as I hate it, I’m really leaning towards just getting a new one.

      I hear you on the phones. I think mine is close to as old as yours is, but thankfully it is still doing okay for now. Hubby’s is an even older model than mine and he is dragging his out as much as possible, though he has to charge it several times a day.

      After I posted, I realized that not only did I upgrade the ram in my computer to get it to last longer, I replaced the power cord less than a year ago because it wasn’t charging anymore. I have been doing everything I can to stretch the life of this poor thing.

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    1. I didn’t think you could post at all to Instagram from your computer. I thought it had to be from your phone. That just goes to show how little I pay attention. lol!

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      1. It was the fact that you couldn’t post from your computer (at least I thought that was the deal) that kept me from ever setting up an account there because I always use my camera for photos not my phone. It seemed like way more work than it was worth and why I keep photos to my blog and share to other places from there. I wonder if they opened it up to computer posting since I looked into and now they are backing it out?

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