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Pale Purple Iris

This particular iris is interesting because I have two that are near each other and almost the same color, except this one is a little bit paler. The other one’s color is more even and doesn’t lean towards white on the lower petals. The differences are extremely subtle and you wouldn’t notice them unless you were right up on them. I’m not certain if they are the same but presenting different for some reason, or if they are actually different types that just look very much alike.

In all, if you count these as two different ones, I think I have 4 different purple classic irises. I have a dark purple, a medium purple and these two different pale purple ones. The dark has several buds on it and will be open soon. The medium are still a ways off.

I have a few other colors and a siberian iris that are also still a ways off. The ones that are currently open are my white, the purple and cream, the pale purple, my one rust colored one and the dual color mauve/rusty one that photographs amazingly well (have yet to post a photo of that one this season).

I so desperately want to go and get some more flowers to plant, because these aren’t going to last long, but… I’m just not sure if I’m desperate enough. Hubby suggested I go early morning during the week, so I’m considering it. The area I live in is still relatively untouched by the virus, so the risk is lower than in a lot of areas. That is the only reason I’m even considering it. Whatever I decide, it won’t be over the weekend. Not with Mother’s day tomorrow. That isn’t a crowd I want to even contemplate.

6 thoughts on “Pale Purple Iris

    1. Thanks! Every once in a while, I try and do something a little different. Normally it doesn’t work as well as I hoped, but I really liked how this one turned out.


    1. Thanks! It took me forever to realize that Mother’s Day hit at a different time for you guys. It was one of those “Wow! I’m really not that bright!” kind of moments. Lol!


  1. I’m enjoying others flowers when I walk and holding off on unnecessary store adventures after going into the grocery for the first time in 6 weeks the other day. Yikes! I will be self-isolating long after the overall rates of infection drop significantly, which they likely won’t with what I saw!

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    1. Some places are much worse than others. Our grocery store seems to be doing well, but our Home Depot was absolutely stupid according to Hubby. I can totally understand if your area is mostly difficult.


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