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New Neighbor

This is one not so brilliant, but phenomenally determined bird. They started building this nest above our garage earlier in the spring. Sadly, the location is horrible and catches the wind all the time. The nest got blown off at least 4 different times, but they were back within a day and building again.

It apparently stayed in place long enough the last time for them to be able to spend a lot of time in it. I’m certain that means we have eggs sitting in that nest now. So far, they’ve been exceptionally lucky that it hasn’t gotten blown of that narrow ledge again.

I’m sure a big part of that is that there is one sitting in there almost all the time, but if anyone comes anywhere near the nest or that corner of the house, it flies off, so I’m still a little surprised. I’m just hoping we don’t go out one day and see a bunch of shattered eggs on the driveway.

9 thoughts on “New Neighbor

    1. I got especially concerned when we found an egg in the back yard from a different nest. So far, it has been good. Unfortunately, they now have to be able to survive near freezing temps tonight, possibly the latest freeze on record for our area if it actually gets that low.

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  1. Nice capture of the bird and its nest. Archie has got interested in the birds that visit our garden, so I’m having to swot up on the different kinds that visit.

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    1. We haven’t had a lot of variety around here over the years because we didn’t have many established trees. The last couple of years, I’ve seen more, but the robins are still the most popular. I put out a feeder last year hoping to get some more, but didn’t get it out early enough. I’m hoping this year is better.

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      1. My father-in-law has set up a couple of bird feeders in our garden which attract them. We have robins, blue tits, grey tits, finch, and a few others according to my 4 year old 😄 we have a couple of owls too which you can hear at night and also a woodpecker. We’re surrounded by trees.

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    1. It probably doesn’t feel like that to the bird as there is a tree really close. Granted, you’d think it would put the nest IN the tree, but… like I said. Probably not so smart.

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