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Stretching The Creativity

This is MC’s last official week of high school. Most of his classes are already done and he has very little work left. He will have an AP final later in the month, but that was always set for that date. It will just be an online version instead. That’s because he is finishing out his high school senior year at home, which has made it one hell of a different experience than anyone expected.

It also means I’m having to really push my creativity when it comes to finding ways to acknowledge such a huge accomplishment. Not that we were intending much anyway as he isn’t much of a social person. If anything, I thought he and his gamer friends would get together for one of their gaming nights as a way to celebrate, but that can’t happen now.

I can’t do nothing because he deserves to be honored and recognized for all his hard work. With so many other things that have been canceled because of the pandemic, including his chance to get to take his girl, MCG, to prom and see her face to face for the first time or the senior walk through the grade and middle schools to see old teachers, I couldn’t let this slip by unrecognized.

The importance of this is something that has really been driven home while I’ve helped MC edit and polish one of his scholarship applications. It highlighted some of his biggest accomplishments throughout school and showed me how proud he was of his own hard work, something he so very rarely ever shows, so I really needed to make an effort to acknowledge all of that.

If things were normal, we’d still keep it small. Probably just taking him to out to eat at a restaurant of his choice. But that isn’t an option. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with something fun that we can do here and that would be special for him.

I decided to kind of do a week of awesome for MC. It started last night with me making one of his favorite meals and will finish up on Friday, his last day, with a night of the family favorite finger foods and movies, capping it off with some death by chocolate.

While this is all very food heavy, that is kind of the main way we tend to do celebrations, so it is perfect. I’m going to try and squeeze in a night or two during the week to play some games. I have a feeling Fibbage is going to be coming out since that is one of MC’s favorite games to play as a family. Mostly because we get completely stupid and ridiculous in the process.

It might not seem like a lot when it is all said and done, but it is a way to show him how much he means to us and how proud of him we are. He not only survived high school, he kicked its butt in epic fashion. He will be going off to college with all 4 years of his tuition paid for and a potential for a one time scholarship of $5k (just submitted this one, so we are in wait mode on that, but chances are good), all because he set a goal to do his absolute best and he excelled at every single class.

He seems to be stoked for our little celebration, so that is really all that matters. Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do for his actual graduation. My creativity muscles are getting one hell of a workout.


5 thoughts on “Stretching The Creativity

  1. My heart goes out to every senior in high school and college missing out on all that comes with senior year, culminating with the actual ceremony and celebration. It’s great that you’re finding ways to celebrate your Son and honor his amazing accomplishments. Just letting it pass would be beyond painful. Have you consider doing a Zoom gaming session with his friends as an additional celebration. Not exactly sure how that would work, but it would give him the opportunity to celebrate and stay safe. Just a thought. I’ve also seen people doing mock ceremonies with family and friends socially distanced, as a way to honor the graduate. Good Luck, but it sounds like you’re off to a great start.

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    1. They already do a lot of online playing together because of the platforms they play on. The difference of them getting together in person is just that they get to stuff their faces and stay up all night. It’s just a different kind of environment. That and I think one of the guys doesn’t have a great internet connection (or maybe it isn’t reliable, not sure which), so they can’t always do the online thing. I’m lucky in that MC really isn’t all that stressed about it and is just willing to do whatever. As of right now, there is still a plan for a graduation ceremony so he will get that unless something changes. I have mixed feelings about that, but we are still very much in wait and see mode and that could still change.


    1. We are extremely lucky that MC is such an introverted computer nerd that most normal things that kids are missing out on weren’t important to him in the first place. The senior girls at BG’s dance studio? Holy crap, I’m utterly heartbroken for them. There are so many traditions built around the seniors and these girls are missing out on most of those. The studio is doing everything they can to try and still give them what is possible within the limitations, but there is only so much they can do. The studio is like a huge family to most of these girls and they cannot be with them right now. But, because they are so much like a family, the health and safety of their students will always be their #1 priority and they are keeping within those limits. It is such an awful experience.

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