Fluffy Dandelion Seeds

9 thoughts on “Fluffy Dandelion Seeds

    1. My Hubby is VERY particular about our yard. I have to sneak into the neighbor’s yard to get any dandelion shots. Unfortunately, most of the fluffy ones are out in the middle and I’m only willing to sneak so far. I was so lucky to have noticed this one hiding along one of our fence posts even if it wasn’t fully open.

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      1. Very lucky. We used to be picky about such things, too, but living in a forest at the edge of a lake tends to make one less concerned about dandelions.

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      2. One of several downsides to living in a developed neighborhood like ours is the expectation of property maintenance. If I had my choice, I’d till up the yard and plant nothing but wildflowers. Sadly, I don’t get that option. HOAs are so unreasonable! lol!

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      3. Our lakeside home is in a relaxed HOA. Thank goodness. We have restrictions on what we can build and where, along with what trees can be cut and when. We lived in a strict one when we were in Melbourne, FL. I was afraid to sneeze outside lest we be fined.

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      4. I was on the board of our HOA when we took over from the developer. It was an ugly, nasty mess and I ended up quitting because it was like dealing with kindergartners. When I left, it was pretty laid back, but with rules. I’m now hearing from neighbors that if you plant something new and don’t ask, you get a letter. They even got called out for not asking about building a deck when all the guy did was replace some rotting boards. I’m honestly surprised that the other neighbor hasn’t been pulled into court over how badly that property is being maintained.

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