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Making It Through

I was absolutely shocked when I went to check on my flowers this morning and found my daffodils still hanging in there. After having well over half of the days in April hit below freezing temps, I was stunned I had anything still looking good and working towards blooming. Sadly, of the last 4, two were broken over, so I just cut what was left and brought them inside to enjoy.

We finally got some communication from the school and they do have plans to have a graduation ceremony for the seniors, but it won’t be happening until the end of July. I have everything crossed that can be crossed that things have calmed down and are safe by then. I honestly haven’t a clue what they will do if it isn’t. There is still a chance that MC won’t have a graduation ceremony to walk in, but they are working to make it happen.

We are all going to be on pins and needles for the next several weeks (more than normal) as my FIL had to make a trip to the ER yesterday because of a messed up knee. While he is okay and probably needs a knee replacement (doubt he will go through with it) and the hospital had him in an area that was separate from anyone that was sick, there is still the very real chance that he could have been exposed.

It makes it incredibly hard when you can’t be there to help out. My SIL has been socializing with him and helping with his shopping since they are both alone and individually isolating (outside of those necessary runs). She will still help where she can, but a lot of these kinds of things are the things we normally help with and we can’t right now. He is still in a lot of pain and getting around is going to be extremely difficult, especially because he has stairs in his house. We were already worried about falls, but this has ramped that up by about a thousand.

Before all of this started, we were talking to him about moving to something that didn’t require him to navigate stairs, something it was well past time to consider, but no one wanted to make him feel like he was losing anything important. There are so many things tied up in that decision to move, which made pushing for that change a very delicate matter. Now, everything is on hold indefinitely when that change is most needed. It is something we are going to worry about even more now, but there is not a thing we can actually do.

As little as I am a scheduler or a planner and more of a by the seat of my pants kind of a person, I’m seeing how much I dislike uncertainty, or more accurately, a lack of control. Even when I just go with the flow, I’m in control of most of that flow. Right now, there is so little that is within my control or that I can do anything to make any kind of difference. It is an interesting perspective into the kind of person I am, at least in areas I hadn’t considered before now.

14 thoughts on “Making It Through

  1. I hope your FIL ends up OK regardless of the route he chooses to take! Also that a graduation does happen – I would’ve been devastated if I hadn’t been able to graduate with my class after all of the hard work that you put into everything! Extra thoughts being sent your way! Also, I totally understand your feelings on “not being in control” – I couldn’t have said it better myself! Hopefully we get through this all soon!

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    1. Thanks! The biggest issue with my FIL is that he was told nothing could be done right now on his first trip to the ER, but he was not happy with that. Then dmeanded multiple appointments with multiple doctors, each one increasing his exposure risk. Then he put my husband in a position where he had to go help and risk exposure himself. All to hear the exact same thing he was told in the first place. There is nothing that can be done right now as he isn’t a critical case. What he is going through isn’t fun or comfortable but it is manageable as is, but he didn’t want to hear that and put himself and my husband at risk to try and force a different outcome. We can only hope that he doesn’t end up sick or that he didn’t get my husband sick and he brought it home with him.


      1. Oh my gosh! First, I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this! Second, that’s all just terrible! Both sides are just no good – the lack of help and your FIL deliberately getting in harms way WITH your hubby! Prayers to you my friend!

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      2. Thanks! We’ve managed to get a slight break as he pushed enough to get some resolution, but I’m not sure how long it will last, though.


  2. I can imagine how nerve wracking it is to have a loved one in the hospital right now. My husband is out riding his motorcycle right now and I’ll worry the whole time he’s gone.

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    1. He was just there for the ER visit and then went home because there really wasn’t anything they could do for him other than prescribe pain meds. He was told in the past that he would most likely need the knee replacement, but he never pursued it. I don’t think he will now either. I don’t know at what age they think a surgery like that is too hard to recover from, but he may be close.

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      1. He is in his upper 70’s. Sadly, he has had trouble with this knee for a while now and he is now struggling to get around and his physical shape isn’t that great, so recovery may be an issue. The stairs are also a huge concern as there is no way he can stay on one level the way his house is laid out. It is going to be a not fun version of interesting.

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  3. I’ve been enjoying your floral pics! Keeps good reminders of spring and the coming summer alive.
    That’s hard news about the FIL for sure, and I agree that there’s no real answer right now, although I know many communities have numerous resources for seniors like meal services and such. Take care.

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    1. My SIL goes over often and takes whatever he needs to him and spends time there. She has been working from home, lives alone and only goes out for essentials herself so it works for now. Hubby talked to him today and he is still in a lot of pain, so we are just going to have to monitor the situation and see how he does. He unfortunately lives in one of the hardest hit counties in our area and is why I’m concerned about his hospital visit.

      I’ve got to keep the flower pics coming because it forces me to remember to look for the beauty under all the mess.


    1. It seems like every week there is something new to deal with or adapt to. For the most part, things still feel relatively normal for us, but it’s everything around us that really isn’t. It is so strange.

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