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Happy Easter!

Hope that bunny was wearing his mask while he snuck in an extra roll or two of toilet paper into your baskets!

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. That is awesome! Someone posted a video (no clue who or where) of someone in a bunny costume with a mask on hiding rolls of toilet paper and paper towels in bushes and under trees and it was just perfect.

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      1. I love it! If I’d had the costume, I would have set one up on my porch with a basket of toilet paper in it’s lap. I have a frame I built for Halloween to set up a life size wolf and fox figure, so it would have been perfect! Ah well. At least people are finding ways to make this craziness feel more fun!

        Someone shared a picture on my FB yesterday that I fell in love with. It was an image of a couple packs of tp and a couple of cartons of eggs on a porch with a note that said, “You’ve been TP’d and egged!” Love that something that is often considered fun, but destructive is now taking on a new sense and is being done to help. It was such a cool idea to do for those you know might be struggling.

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