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Mother Of All Invention

Since everything is so far from normal right now, my usual plan for Easter for my kids isn’t happening. For one, it really snuck up on me and I didn’t have time to get some of our traditional things. When Hubby did go for our grocery run, the candy section was absolutely wiped out. He managed to get a single bag of basic jelly beans because it is the one thing BG asked for (though we all much prefer the Starburst jelly beans, we aren’t complaining).

Not that the candy even matters to the kids. MC has even said over and over this last year that he just really doesn’t want any (for any event). It is more about having or doing something for them. They opted to still do their traditional scavenger hunt, which doesn’t require anything but time, so we will do that as it has always been their absolute favorite thing about the day.

When we talked about alternative options, I was trying to brainstorm something for them that they would enjoy. Dying eggs crossed my mind, but my kids have never been that into doing that and I didn’t want to use a bunch of eggs. Then I mentioned sugar cookies. They both jumped on the idea of doing egg shaped sugar cookies that they could decorate. Perfect!

Except… I didn’t have a cookie cutter. I tried to find something that I could still use and make it work, but didn’t have anything. I considered doing a card stock template and just cutting around it. I’d done it before and it worked, but it was a little bit of a pain. Then I remembered I had a bunch of copper plate in my stash of jewelry making supplies. I’ll make my own cookie cutter!!

Yeaaahhhh… easier said than done.

I don’t know why I was absolutely convinced that I’d used copper in a solder project in the past, but apparently I remembered incorrectly because my solder does NOT work with copper.

What should have been a relatively quick project took me forever to figure out that I couldn’t solder this before then needing to spend some time trying to figure out an alternative. I finally figured it out and it works, but because I attempted to fire and solder this, there is some fire scale that I didn’t want to spend any more time than I did buffing and polishing out.

So, it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but I now have an egg shaped cookie cutter and I’ll be working with the kids on making sugar cookies later today.

It was a fun learning experience, though. I might try to make some other simple shapes in the future because it really wasn’t all that hard once I figured it out.

8 thoughts on “Mother Of All Invention

  1. Love the homemade egg cookie cutter. My Son and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies, but once we got I started I remember my electric mixer broke last year and I never replaced. Thank goodness I had an old fashion hand beater. We both got an upper body workout using that thing, but we both have a memory we won’t forget. Love the cookies, their beautiful, and a very interesting alternative to coloring eggs.

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      1. It really was, but we chuckled as we did it, taking turns. My Mom and my Son used to bake cookies together when he was little, so we discussed what it was like when Grammy was little because she was born in 1920 and raised an offshoot of the Amish, so she didn’t own an electric mixer. Realizing that mixing by hand was the norm for her made it almost special because Friday was the anniversary of her passing.

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    1. Oh, man! Cooking with BG in an experience in patience and tolerance because she is SO over the top particular about NOT making a mess. She helped me knead bread dough yesterday and had to stop and wash her hands when she had a small spot stick to her finger. If she spills a little flour or sugar when she is measuring something, she has to stop and clean it up right then. It is maddening. I think I’d rather a messy kitchen!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of messes, but when you are doing this kind of thing, the messes are part of it. I clean as I go, but it is at certain points, not in the middle of measuring out something.

      Don’t even get me started on how long it takes her to actually measure out ingredients because she is SO precise. I’m normally a “Eh, close enough!” kind of baker, so that drives me insane.

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      1. My daughter is really good at certain things….baking….the result is good, but the journey….she used a dry measure cup to measure out the ingredients. When I pointed out the measuring cup she said, oh is that what that’s for? Seriously….🤪

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