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Lone Tulip

I wanted to try and get a photo of my one tulip that has managed to miraculously exist in my flower bed after having not bloomed for years until last year. Sadly, I think the weather took it’s toll. It was open yesterday, but the photos I got didn’t turn out very good. Today, it isn’t open all the way and the edges are beginning to darken and curl.

When I first went outside, it was mostly quiet with a few birds singing and some distant sounds of someone working in their yard. It was peaceful.

By the time I stepped from my porch to my yard, it was suddenly crazy with multiple car horns going off. At first I thought it was on the street outside my neighborhood. Then they got closer and louder.

Turns out someone was having a car parade, much like the one I participated in the other day, except it was explicitly stated in ours to not use horns or even scream and yell loudly out of respect for the studio owner and her neighbors. This one was doing both. There were maybe 10 or so cars and all of them were laying on their horns or repeatedly hitting them.

I get that I can easily drop into cranky old hag mode or grumpy neighbor mode when I think people are being rude. This was ridiculous. It was 10 am. People are working from home. Kids are doing school work. BG often has required calls where all students have to be on (luckily for her, today’s wasn’t until later). I know that there are at least a couple of people in my neighborhood that work in the medical profession on night shifts.

I  get wanting to celebrate something in whatever way you can during all the crazy that is going on. I get that this didn’t really last more than a few minutes. I also understand that, because I’m so deeply programed to think about other people, stuff like this pushes all my buttons. But… the utter arrogance and the selfish mindset behind this still ticks me off. It is just one more example of people only thinking of themselves and not having a lick of common courtesy for others. It was rude at the very base and exceptionally disruptive. I seriously hope that no one in this neighborhood is actually sick and trying to get some rest and that idiocy woke them up.

If me getting upset over some people “just having a little fun” makes me a cranky old hag, I’ll wear that label proudly.


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