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So Many Changes

Today is our first day of a completely new normal.

Over the weekend, our mayor put our city on a shelter-in-place order, so all non-essential business are shut down. We were already pretty much treating it like that, so it won’t be a massive change for us, though I’ve heard/seen a lot of people complaining or stressing over this order. For us, we are just going to keep doing what we have been and doing our best to not be a part of the problem.

The kids are starting to learn their new routines for their online classes. It is going to be interesting for my kids as they are both so self motivated, they will probably have the week’s worth of assignments done by the first day of the week, depending on how the teacher posts assignments. It is going to be an interesting process for them. I joked with BG that with the online stuff she could get the rest of her high school finished before MC graduates and they could graduate together (not that that is an option, just a statement about how quickly she gets her stuff done).

We also got more information from BG’s dance studio. They have opted to do what they could to shift their classes to online. I’ve got to say, with what I’ve seen so far, I’m absolutely blown away with what they’ve managed to put together. I’ve always liked her studio and how they do things, but this goes so far above and beyond. They could have just as easily said we are just shutting down, but to keep these kids going and to ensure that all the staff at the studio still gets paid, they are doing everything they can to make sure that the “show must go on” while keeping everyone safe at the same time. I’m a little in awe at their dedication and determination.

As part of that, I’ll be working on getting BG a safe space to dance. It is something that I promised her a while ago since trying to dance on our concrete floor in the basement is too slick. She has come close to falling a couple of times in the past. Now, I get to build a makeshift dance floor. I have all the stuff, I just need to get it done, so that is on my project list for today. I’m hoping like crazy that it works like I think it will.

I should have some daffodils to photograph soon. The buds are on and getting bigger, but they aren’t quite open yet. My hyacinths managed to hold on through two freezes over the weekend. We absolutely need some color and beauty right now.


12 thoughts on “So Many Changes

  1. Be well! It took me all of last week to find my rhythm, but you get it eventually. My daughter has adapted to online school as my husband has adapted to work from home. We will all get through this

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    1. My hubby works from home here and there often, so it isn’t anything new to him. The kids are a different story. So far, they like it. Like I said, they are both very self-motivated and get their stuff done quickly. While at school, they get their stuff done early and then sit around waiting until they have to go to their next class. Now they can get it all done at one time without the time constraints of a scheduled class time and they have the rest of the day to themselves. There will be a couple of their teachers (the advanced/ap/dual credit classes) that will potentially have more scheduled types of assignments or even virtual class periods, but the rest look like they are just going to be handing out assignments and posting videos that can be accessed whenever.

      It’s going to be interesting. I’m used to be here all day by myself in the quiet. The house is so not quiet at the moment.

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      1. This morning was definitely one of those times. I’m NOT on the same schedule as Hubby and the kids. I stay up later which means I get up later. Today, Hubby HAD to come in while I was still sleeping and ask questions about a tax document. No, the answer to that was not time sensitive and could have waited until I was ready to get up.

        Me before coffee is never a fun thing. Me being woken up before I’m ready mixed with that lack of coffee is not something that should be risked. Kind of like poking a hibernating bear.

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