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Rain Kissed Crocus

It is cold and rainy today, which made for some phenomenal photos, even if it is more crocus. I would have gotten more, but it was actually still misting and I really wasn’t in the mood to get drenched, so I only got a handful. I WILL have some hyacinths for you soon as they are almost open.

As I’m sure many of you are in a similar situation, my state declared a state of emergency. This is a full day after my city did so on its own, without any guidance from further up the government chain. Sadly, my city is doing a better job of actually trying to make a difference in banning certain number of gatherings (though still probably not enough), whereas my state has only made the declaration to free up funding. They have not imposed any restrictions or canceled schools, leaving it up to local heath departments.

Honestly, I’m frustrated by the whole thing. The people at the top that should be guiding the rest of this country in best practices aren’t doing squat, leaving it to those downhill to clean up the mess, but the people downhill aren’t doing any better.

I do my damnedest to keep anything political off my blog, but this is just too much. Where I live, there are no cases in the immediate area, but a few on some of the outer lying areas with more popping up every day. We are in a perfect position to stop or at least slow down this spread, at least in our area, but the people that should be making the decisions to close down schools or other major centers that are basically petri dishes are passing the buck to someone else.

The kids’ school has a plan in place to go online after spring break, but they aren’t making the decision themselves, waiting for someone to tell them they have to. I get that they may not actually have the authority to make those kinds of decisions at the district level, but someone should be stepping up and making the responsible decision.

I really try not to jump into the panic and hysteria, but this isn’t something that people are going to be able to fix or even improve on at an individual level and those that are at high risk shouldn’t be considered disposable because no one wants to step up and make the probably unpopular move to say we should shut all these things down as best we can.

Can we please just be concerned about our fellow humans for a change?

4 thoughts on “Rain Kissed Crocus

  1. For many, including those higher ups you mention this is a situation no one is trained for, educated in, or realistically knows how to manage.
    I’m watching this unfold at my hospital employment site. They are as unprepared as anyone else. I work in Mother-Baby. We have 1 isolation room. We are not equipped to isolate a patient/baby if surgery is needed at delivery. We get mixed information about symptoms, pending screening, visitors…you name it, it changes from day to day.
    I wash in, wash out and sanitize as much as I can in between glove changes. I clean my equipment with what is available to me. Then I come home and wonder if I’m already a carrier without symptoms or when the REAL sh*t will hit the fan and I suddenly spike a fever.
    And life goes on…

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    1. And that is part of the problem with the different levels of government not being proactive. The more restrictions that get put in place NOW, the less stress on the hospital systems and staff. You know, the people that are the most critical in a situation like this.

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      1. I can begin to see why many individuals begin the process of “survival mode” in a societal crisis. When you can’t depend on your leadership to handle things, what’s left…

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      2. I think the lack of a clear plan and direction by those in charge has made things that much worse. The vague stories or predictions of shutdowns or shortages just ramps up the fears. If everyone knew what the plan was, it would make things so much less uncertain.

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