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Purple Striped Crocus Bud

I didn’t post yesterday because I was doing my best impression of being a zombie.

In an attempt to try and reset my sleep schedule to something that even remotely resembles normal, I got the wild hair to just stay awake the previous night and all day yesterday. I cannot remember the last time I attempted an all nighter like that. Probably back in my early twenties when my body didn’t rebel quiet so easily.

I actually managed to make it to about 8:30 am before my body couldn’t handle it and crashed for about 45 minutes. After that, I was awake until I headed to bed around 11 pm last night. So, in a roughly 36 hour time frame, I only got that 45 minutes of sleep. This on the tail end of getting an average of maybe 4 to 6 hours (at best, but more often 3 to 4) of extremely restless sleep for several weeks.

What’s really messed up? Even after being awake that long, when it came time to go to bed, I was still wide awake and needed to take something to help me actually get to sleep. I’m not sure that the whole adventure actually managed to fix anything.

I did get some solid sleep when I finally fell asleep, though. It’s probably the first full night I’ve gotten in well over a month (if not more, I honestly don’t know anymore). Sadly, I think I’m more tired today than I was yesterday after no sleep. Dang! My poor body and brain is so messed up.

The upside to that? I think I read something like 3 books over that 36 hour period.

Yesterday was also release day for one of my favorite authors and is the other big part of why there was no post yesterday. Because of the no sleep marathon, I was still up when the book dropped into my reading ap. Of course I started it pretty much the second I could and there was going to be no putting it down once I started.

I’m going to need to try and find some more active things to do today to shake the remaining sleepies.


7 thoughts on “Purple Striped Crocus Bud

    1. My brain normally just refuses to shut down enough to let me fall asleep. In the past, there were some things I could do to make it easier, but lately, those haven’t helped at all.

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      1. I understand completely. I use those “sleep sounds,” ocean waves and thunderstorms, etc., but sometimes I just listen to a podcast and that seems to disrupt that merry-go-round that starts up the moment I lie down. So annoying, to say nothing of debilitating.

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      2. I used to be able to listen to music or other sounds a LONG time ago, but it is just another distraction for me anymore. I’d probably do okay with simple sounds that I would normally hear when we have windows open, but I’m not sure that would be enough to calm my busy brain.


    1. This is just me. I never sleep well and I’ve gotten into a horrible habit of staying up way too late reading. When I do try to go to sleep at a decent hour, I will toss and turn all night and not fall asleep until very early morning. I was really hoping I could somehow rest my internal sleep clock so that it wouldn’t be such a nightmare just trying to fall asleep.

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      1. You know I’ve been working on my sleep patterns. And honestly…I didn’t journal on Friday or Saturday because, you know, life, and I didn’t sleep as well. So…figure out a habit for pre sleep and try to stick with it!

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