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What Suckage Looks Like

One other lovely benefit to living in a area with new construction? Road hazzards. Like nails.

I was waiting on BG after her class last night when one of her friends comes up to me and asks about what car I drive. After confirming, she lets me know I have a flat. This was at almost 9:15 pm. It was not warm outside. I’ve never changed the tire on this car before (wheel locks and a really funky mount for the spare).

Hubby comes to get BG and take her home after I call for roadside assist (thank you car warranties that have yet to run out!!) because she has homework to finish up. He comes back to wait with me and deal with the guy that comes out.

What really should not have taken all that long, really does. The guy doesn’t have his jack with him (shows up in a car and only has a small compressor as any kind of tool), so has to the use the one that came with the car. Apparently it doesn’t raise the car high enough to get the tire off?!

Manages to find a small board to add that extra height and finally gets the tire off. The spare is apparently not fully inflated and his little compressor isn’t doing the job. He manages to get it to a safe enough level to drive on, but not fully inflated.

So after a lovely, extra long night, I finally get home a little after 11pm and still have a ton of crap I need to get done. Today is shot because I now have to go back and get the tire taken care of. Did I mention I was JUST there on Monday for maintenance? The kind where they rotate the tires? Oh, and my indicator on my dash was showing that tire low when I took it in, but apparently they didn’t see this MASSIVE nail in the middle of the tread.

*sigh* I will now be spending my day not in my studio but dealing with suckage. Fun times, people!

12 thoughts on “What Suckage Looks Like

    1. Joys of living in an area with a lot of construction. I can’t tell you how many nails I’ve had in tires over the last 15 years because we live in a constantly growing neighborhood.

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