I Have Crocuses!

I knew I was close as I’d seen the little leaves popping up. I swear I just checked the day before and didn’t see any buds. Then yesterday, BG tells me I have something purple blooming. I expected maybe one small bud where you could see some color. Nope. They were all almost fully open. At least for this bunch. I planted a couple, so I should have another bunch blooming soon.

Hello spring! Glad to see you finally showing yourself.

I’ll be busy in my studio again today. I promised Sam I’d try to get some photos of my PMC project along the way, though it probably will just look like an ugly lump for a bit yet depending on how far I get today.

9 thoughts on “I Have Crocuses!

    1. I think my other grouping will have flowers in the next day or so. I’ve forgotten what color they are, so I’m excited to see what blooms.


    1. Ugh! I’m having… issues. It’s clay right? So… any pressure on thin areas is not so good. I’ve broken it in half a couple of times trying to get it detailed and cleaned up. The cool thing? It is clay. Add some wetter, stickier to the break and it’s fixed. I just have to take the time to let it dry in between before I can go back and try again. I had forgotten that part of the process and why it took forever to do the last project I worked on.


      1. Maybe? It has been SO long since I’ve worked with actual clay, though I have some I’ve yet to play with. When I worked with this the last time, I did a lot of shaping while it was still wet, then let it dry to smooth and add details. It just seemed to work better that way. It is interesting to work with, that’s for sure.


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