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Brittle Winter Veins

PSA from a whiny, wimpy girl:

Whiny, wimpy girl cannot recommend attempting to repierce your own ears. Especially if you are whiny and wimpy, cannot handle pain (at least in odd areas that aren’t used to feeling pain) and may potentially faint in circumstances like getting your blood drawn.

No. Seriously. Just don’t.

Except, this whiny, wimpy girl is also an idiot and did just that yesterday.

Somehow, at some point, I must have scraped the inside of my earlobe and when I didn’t wear any earrings for an extended period of time, one of my holes closed to the point I couldn’t get an earring in. Over the last several months, after I realized this was an issue, I’ve tried to see if I could manage to get various different earrings in, but was never able to.

Idiot that I am, I really didn’t want to try and go somewhere and spend money to have someone poke that hole back open. I was also pissed that I have all these amazing earrings, many that I’ve made over the years, that I couldn’t wear. With MC’s scholarship ceremony (which was really cool, BTW), the ballet and a whole list of things coming up in the next month or two, I was determined to figure out exactly how closed off it really was.

I grabbed a pair of small studs that I’d be able to leave in for a while. In all my attempts, I’d never gotten the post to go much past the opening. Yesterday, when I tried, I had this immediate “pop” and that sucker was in farther than I’d been able to get it. It didn’t even really hurt much, though there was a little blood, which I was handling decently at the moment. I thought “Awesome! This is going to be easier than I thought!”

There was still some resistance past that point, so I pulled the earring back out, cleaned it up really well, coated it in alcohol and tried again. It would NOT go any farther. I twisted my earlobe to see what the backside was looking like and I could see that there really only was a small layer of skin to get through. No big deal right?

So wrong!

Did I mention I’m a whiny, wimpy baby when it comes to certain pains? And yes, I have been known to pass out getting my blood drawn.

I was now feeling a bit lightheaded after that little bit of blood and the longer it took to finish, the more my stupid brain focused on it and the worse I got. It didn’t help one bit that this tiny piece of skin was stubborn and I think holds about 95% of my entire body’s nerve endings, every single one of them telling my brain “This shit hurts!”

I’m in the bathroom off my kitchen having decided that right before the kids get home was the perfect time to do this. The pain and queasiness got so bad, I felt like I was either going to throw up or pass out, so I had to lay down on the floor. I’m laying there and imagining MC walking in from school and freaking out to find his mom half in and half out of the bathroom on the floor like an unmoving blob, so I forced myself to get back up not wanting to scar the kid for life.

Nothing I did got that paper thin layer to break. Each time I took the earring out to clean it and reposition it, I got queasier. My brain convincing me that breaking through that skin was going to create a gush of blood. I did get a little smarter at that point and started using some ice on the lobe to numb it up, but that only dulled it down a little.

The earring wasn’t doing the trick with a dull post end, so I got a pin and did the same thing. Cue even more pain. And still no break through. I resorted to putting pencil eraser against the back of my earlobe hoping to give it some leverage. This between breaks of me sitting on the toilet lid with my head between my legs trying to get the room to quit spinning while yelling at myself in my head for being an idiot of extreme proportions.

But apparently that didn’t help. I was still a frickin’ idiot. A stubborn and determined one because I WAS going to get to wear my earrings again, dammit! After more ice, a really numb earlobe, MC getting home and laughing is butt off at me then hightailing it to his room so he doesn’t have to see his mother lose her lunch, I manage to get the tip of the pin to finally break through. Yes!

Uh, okay. Nope. The skin is now broken, but it refuses to open up enough to let the post of the earring through. This starts another round of fighting off passing out or puking.

More ice, more wimpiness and lots of whiny whimpering later, I finally manage to get that damn earring all the way through, shockingly, with no more blood. So yes, I did what I set out to do, but damn! That was such a bad idea. I’m so lucky I didn’t actually pass out and crack my head open on the toilet.

It wasn’t until it was all over and I was still fighting of feeling queasy hours later that I realized that part of why it was so frickin’ hard to break through that layer of skin is because it was probably a thin layer of scar tissue.

So, no. I really, REALLY don’t recommend this method. Just go somewhere and have a professional do it. It is over in seconds, not nearly an hour. And if it hurts, you can blame their technique and not your own personal idiocy. But hey! I can now wear all those amazing earrings I have sitting around collecting some tarnish.



15 thoughts on “Brittle Winter Veins

  1. Great story. I bet we’ve all been thru similar times. A few years ago, my husband bought me the only jewelry he’s purchased since a wedding ring in the 70s! The set included beautiful earrings that were unfortunately a much heavier gauge than I have ever worn. I felt like the sales person should have mentioned that? Any way, I was determined to wear this gift. Like you, I forced them in and they throbbed for days. It’s never good to feel your heartbeat in your earlobes! Congrats on the perseverance.

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    1. That is something that I learned when I started making jewelry, the gauge of the post or earwire is not something that is normally mentioned unless you are looking at actual gauges. I find that strange. I’ve had issues in the past with some of the bigger posts/wires but didn’t really make the connection until I started the silver work. I still don’t understand why that isn’t standard.

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  2. Blimey, that was an epic, fair play for sticking with it! My ears are sensitive and I can’t actually wear loads of my earrings as they set my ears off. Sometimes I am an idiot and still do though, I get about 2 hours wear before they hurt. Then it takes days to go away, if i try and wear some straight after the pain is too much to even put some in. I feel this post…

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    1. Many of the earrings I have are on the heavy side because they have bigger stones and lots of silver. These tend to irritate my ears and is probably part of my problem. I think if I’d put something really small, like the studs, in after wearing those, I wouldn’t have gotten to that point.

      It doesn’t help that I really don’t get a lot of opportunities to wear jewelry anymore. Not exactly going to put on all the pretties when I’m just lounging around and reading. I’d gotten into the habit of not wearing any at all for long stretches of time and that isn’t good for keeping those piercings open.


      1. haha, i hear you. I have lots of silver earring as I like dangly filigree ones – but I know that i should only wear real gold, I’m allergic to other metals like that. And now I have a dog again who lunges and jumps up, jewelry is a no go for a bit 😦 and work from home so really no call for it 🙂

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  3. I felt queasy just reading your post! I can’t imagine how that was for you first hand! But you prevailed which is what counts so cheers to your success! I have found that happens to my second holes only and I have always been able to just wiggle the post through the earlobe to find the hole, gently prodding until it went through but yours was much more than that…I’m proud of you! 🙂

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    1. I’d had mine double pierced for a while, but had one tear bad enough I had to let it close. The other one stayed open for a long time, but I think I did the same thing to it that I must have done to this one and it also completely closed. I think I just have really sensitive lobes or something. I’ll have to be really careful this time around and make sure I wear a stud for a while if they are getting irritated.


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