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Continuing The Theme

Here is another moody one from the series of photos I got “accidentally”. It fits my mood at the moment. Can you believe that my cough is actually worse after having gone to the doctor? And not in that “it sometimes gets worse before it gets better” kind of way, either. For this reason alone, I’m ready for spring and warmer temps. This crap is… well… crap.

10 thoughts on “Continuing The Theme

    1. Years of putting up with it has taught me to push through it and find ways to work around the more annoying aspects of it. Especially if I want to get anything done. Still sucks rocks.

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    1. Just a couple of days ago, we got over 60, but we are back hovering around freezing again. I think they’ve added snow back into our forecast for later in the week. Joys of living in the midwest.


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