Cool Mistake

I’ve mentioned before that some of the coolest things I’ve ever created started as a mistake. This may be one of them.

I took this while we were driving the other day. The sun was doing this peekaboo thing from behind the clouds, but there was still a sort of thin layer in front, so it was being filtered, creating this amazing effect. I attempted to get a shot of it, but it was still too bright and blew out my shot.

Because I was in a moving car, I had to adjust quickly or miss the shot. In going that fast, I pushed the levels just a bit too far to the dark end of the scale, but the results are amazing. It really wasn’t that dark, but I love how much of an eerie feel these photos ended up with. Especially with the stark, black silhouette of the trees.

I have another one or two I’ll share over the next couple of days.

7 thoughts on “Cool Mistake

    1. There were so many things I though of when I saw this on my computer. Things like spooky Halloween, or scary movie or even book cover. I just love the feel of this one. It’s like it carries intense emotions with it.

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    1. It isn’t often that I get an accidental photo that I love. I’m great about getting all kinds of happy accidents in all the other creative outlets I have, but not often with photos, so this makes me even happier.

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