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Frozen Fog Aftermath

It was a little baffling when the kids got a second snow day, called the night before, because of a prediction of fog. Other factors played into that, but it was odd when we got the call, especially because not all news stations even mentioned the fog.

Yesterday morning was indeed extremely foggy. It didn’t clear off until closer to 9 am, which is when I got out to take this. It was absolutely stunning. It isn’t often that we get that combination of well below freezing temps and fog. We are more likely to get a coating of ice or snow, but not frozen fog.

While I didn’t get much done that I had planned to do yesterday (kind of difficult to wrap presents when the kids are home), I did get out and take some more pictures. So glad I did because all that pretty coating dropped as soon as the sun started peaking out in the afternoon.

I’ll be back in the kitchen today working on my FIL’s annual food presents. It really, really sucks that Thanksgiving was so late this year as I really feel like there wasn’t my normal time between the holidays to get everything done. Now I’m feeling rushed.


2 thoughts on “Frozen Fog Aftermath

  1. We needed a couple fog days so far this year! It seems to be getting worse as the years go by if that’s possible, lol. Last year I think we had 9 snow and ice days. I was really surprised the year wasn’t extended.

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    1. Last year was awful for the number of days they missed because of weather. They dropped good friday as a holiday to keep the kids from going into June and messing up their summer school schedule.

      So far, we’ve only had these two, but we are always worse in January and February. I’m really hoping this won’t be one of those years. Our end of the school year is already jam packed with events, I really don’t want to see that spread out any farther that it is.

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