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Repost: Easy Fudge

Reposting this as I made a batch of this yesterday. I’ve updated some of the measurements to include weights on the dry ingredients based on my measuring cups and spoons. Still working on trying to get something for the liquid measurements (though there are a few places online that can convert those).

This fudge recipe is super easy. I always make up 2 different kinds, peanut butter and chocolate espresso. It used to be full batches, but it makes so much, I finally figured out how to do a half batch.

Fudge - Ingredients

Unless you can get a jar of marshmallow fluff/creme in just the right size, halving this recipe really does require that you have a scale. I’ve discovered in all my years of baking that there are just some things that really should be weighed rather than use any kind of measuring cups and this is one of them. You also should really use a candy thermometer. My original recipe uses time rather than temperature, but if you go too long or not long enough, this just doesn’t come out quite right.

Easy Fudge, Full Recipe – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Espresso

3 Cups Granulated Sugar (600g)
3/4 Cup Butter – cut into chunks (172.5g)
2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk (1 -5oz can)
12oz Chips (Chocolate or Peanut Butter)
7oz Marshmallow Creme
1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts (Optional)
2 tsp. Instant Espresso Granules (For Chocolate Espresso) (5g)

Mix sugar, butter and evaporated milk in sauce pan (add espresso if making the chocolate). Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly with a metal or wooden spoon until comes to a full, rolling boil. Continue stirring and cooking for 5 minutes (candy thermometer should read 238­°). Remove from heat. Stir in chips and marshmallow creme until mixture is smooth, scraping the side of the pan. Stir in vanilla and nuts. Spread into lightly greased pan (size will determine thickness, 13 x9 will give a thinner fudge, if you want a thicker, taller fudge, use 9×9). Cool and cut into squares.

Makes about 3 pounds total.

You need to use a pan that doesn’t have a non-stick coating. No matter how good those pans are, with the amount of stirring that gets done with this, you will have flecks of that coating end up in your fudge and you will be wondering when you added pepper.

This really isn’t a fussy recipe and is actually kind of hard to mess up. I’ve played with a few different flavors, using things like Khalua instead of the vanilla. You may end up with a slightly softer fudge (my chocolate always ends up softer than my peanut butter), but it will still set up.

While this doesn’t take all that long to make, you do have to stir it the whole time. Making two batches, your arm may be a bit tired by the time you are done.

I always coat my pan in butter to grease it that way it doesn’t add any other flavor to the fudge by accident.

Fudge - Setting Up

Once it is completely cooled, it is ready to cut. Fair warning, this is stupidly addictive. I barely had any of this cut before both the kids and Hubby were hanging around, snatching pieces.

Fudge - Finished

8 thoughts on “Repost: Easy Fudge

    1. Do NOT use a non-stick pan for this. You will get tiny flecks of the coating (learned this the hard way) in your fudge. Really anything that has to have any amount of stirring done to it, you shouldn’t use a non-stick pan. Always use an uncoated pan. I have a set of really good stainless steel pans, but copper or even aluminum should work.


      1. No problem! I had to double check to make sure I’d actually written it correctly the first time. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I’d typed it up wrong.


  1. These posts have me revisiting so many holiday seasons with so much candy and sweets everywhere. I’m not sure how I survived all of it, and I don’t mean the making because I wasn’t the one creating the overflow, I was the one you describe sneaking around for a nibble here and there!
    I was drawn in to a bag of mass produced holiday trail mix at the big box store the other day. I wonder when trail mix (which I think of as nuts and seeds and dried fruit with perhaps a small amount of chocolate pieces tossed in, turned into nothing but chocolate this or that with less than an ounce of nuts??
    I cannot look at one more piece of this faux mix. It hits my trash can today and the sugar overload stops!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I”m a massive sweets fan, but I just don’t do these things all that often. It is my one time of year to really indulge. Sure, I do the bake sale stuff for Hubby’s work, but we don’t get a whole lot of what I make for that. The rest of the year, I maybe get to do a cake for each of the kids’ birthdays, but that’s about it.


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