Nutcrackers On Duty

My guys finally made it out to the porch last night! I’m thrilled to say that they are still in amazing shape and are holding up well. Part of that, I’m sure, is because I don’t leave them out if we are getting a lot of wind or it is going to be wet out (rain or snow). That’s why they stood guarding my entry for the last several days. It was rainy for a couple of days before turning crazy windy.

I’m a little more surprised that they are still as solid as they are with as much as they get moved around. Having to bring them in and out throughout the season and then to the basement to store in the off season, I thought for sure I’d start to see them getting a little loose in the joints, but they are still amazingly solid.

For anyone new to the blog or if you are looking for the supply list and instructions, you can find them in the original Giant Life Size Nutcracker post. Three years later and I’m still absolutely stunned I was able to pull this project off.

6 thoughts on “Nutcrackers On Duty

    1. I sort of attempted it a few years ago, but the focus was sterling silver jewelry and only a few crafty things on the side. While I adore creating things and love the idea of being able to sell them, I spent close to 5 times more of my time doing administrative, web maintenance types of things than I did creating and it burned me out. I’ve discussed other options with Hubby and I may start doing some things here and there, but I just haven’t decided for sure yet. As for the giant nutcrackers, there would be no way I could build those and sell them. They are massive, take an insane amount of time, and would cost a fortune just to ship.

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