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Can I Sit Down Now?

I spent the entire day getting all of my indoor decorations up. I love it when it is all done, but my poor body really doesn’t. Doing this every year the day after I spent the previous two days on my feet in the kitchen really doesn’t help. At least we had all the outdoor stuff up and done before Thanksgiving, so I didn’t have that to do this weekend as well, giving me a full two days with nothing to do before we jump back into our normal routines. I will be spending those two days being as lazy as I can possibly get and still be considered human.

13 thoughts on “Can I Sit Down Now?

    1. We have something wonky going on with our outdoor lights. We had a lot of misty, wet weather yesterday and something kept tripping our ground fault for our outside outlets. I didn’t have the energy after decorating to try and debug it. When I went to look at it today, it is of course dry and didn’t trip. I now have to wait for a wet day to try and figure it out. I’m really NOT looking forward to it. At least I had it looking pretty inside even if the outside wasn’t on.

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      1. We haven’t done outside lights in years after a friend had a tragic accident falling from his roof while putting up lights. I’ll put up a Christmas wreath on the front door, but that’s it. Be careful with the whole electricity/wet/dry stuff! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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      2. Almost all of our outdoor lights are low. I have a few things I need a tall step ladder for, but that’s it. I don’t mind ladders but I’m not walking on the roof.

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      3. You wouldn’t have liked it when I did garland around my upper windows. That required hanging out the window on the second story. Only did that for a couple of years before I decided I really wasn’t a fan of that kind of thrill.

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      4. You’re right! I wouldn’t have liked it. Honestly, though we used to get on top of the house and string lights around the roof. Then three years ago we sat by this wonderful couple at the company Christmas party. The husband worked with David and the four of us hit it off socially. Two days after the party he fell off his roof while hanging lights, was in a coma for a week before they took him off life support. Really hit us hard.

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      5. How awful!

        I’ve never been a fan of heights. My ex was into rock climbing and I did a little of that and some repelling, which was really fun and helped me get over some of that. But it was fun because it was also really safe if you did it the right way. Ever since then, I’ve been crazy obsessed with the fact that so many other things, like being on a roof, don’t use those kinds of safety protections. It is definitely something that ran through my head when I was hanging out the window.

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      6. Ha! I don’t wear heals anymore either, but that is because I’m so used to being barefoot around the house, my feet cannot tolerate any kind of heal. BG has discovered that dance has pretty much killed all the nerves in her feet and could live in heals. I’m a bit jealous.

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      7. I always had gorgeous legs. And in heels? They were spectacular. Honestly my only reason for vanity as a young woman was my legs. But I was a teacher and I was on my feet seven hours a day five days a week. I stopped wearing heels early on, but not before getting some major issues in my feet and legs. In fact, I’m seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday.

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      8. I don’t even want to think about how bad BG’s feet are going to be when she is older. Have you ever seen pictures of dancers’ feet?! Granted, those are people that do it for a living, but still!

        I worked retail for several years before getting an office job. I was ALWAYS in heals and they never bothered me. I really didn’t quit wearing them until I quit working. I’m such a barefoot person when I’m at home. I used to love shoes in general. Now, they are torture devices designed by evil elves.

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