General Update

Forced Downtime

Sometimes I really hate technology. My laptop is having issues. So much so, it’s only currently useful as an expensive paperweight. I have a new power cord on the way that will supposedly fix the problem (sometime today hopefully), but until then I’m stuck using my tablet with no access to my photos or my book database. So not having fun over here Mercury!

11 thoughts on “Forced Downtime

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with tech. When it works well, I’m over the moon. When it glitches, my instinct is to hide my head in the sand until someone competent fixes it for me. Total tech ostrich mode.

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    1. I can do some things with my tablet but it is insanely awkward because I’m not used to using it for much besides reading. At least it gives me a bigger keyboard to work with than my phone.


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