My Brain Hurts

Yesterday’s frustration with the school stuff blew up into a cluster and I just cannot understand how it ended up that way or why the school made the decision to take some of the actions that they did. Those actions irrationally put some students in a position of potentially not being able to do their assigned work and created a butt load of stress and worry and frustration in the process. I understand some of the underlying motivations for why, but the reality of the follow through…

I think I’ll just say that this whole mess is a great example that technology is far, far from perfect and people don’t often think of all the more obscure issues that can pop up. There will always be a loophole that someone will exploit if they can find it. There will always be glitches. There will always be problems because it is so heavily a part of our lives that it is nearly impossible to be active in the daily world and not have access to it, especially when what you do requires that access.

It truly makes my brain ache to think of how far reaching and damaging the actions of a couple of ignorant kids can be.

It is a lesson and a reminder to everyone to stop and think long and hard before you click send or publish or post or pretty much anything that doesn’t have an undo button.

9 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts

    1. In some cases yes, but that goes to my argument about finger pointing, responsibility and consequences. You cannot lay the blame at parents feet for the choices kids make, especially older teens. Parents play a role but teens still have a mind and a will of their own.


      1. parents should be the foundation. you can’t be at their side for life. give them a good start. my wife was in education for 38 yrs. 2nd and their graders acting like animals. bad start in life.


      2. As I said, they play a part, but blaming parents when a kid/teen make the choice tends to remove or reduce their own responsibility for their actions.


  1. I read both pieces and agree with what you say, things are often blown well beyond proportion these days once the ‘media’ is involved. Personal agendas lead the way, rather than common sense and logic. An obvious consequence of making it all equal and fair. Everyone now has an opinion and voice, followed by a rather large platform to share that. People really want to blame these days and get instant vindication, it’s all gone a bit mad. The pile on attitude seems rife at the moment. I hope the kids manage to work round it, feeling tarnished with the same brush can’t be nice for them, and school is hard enough as it is!

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    1. I went and looked at the timing. The initial incident happened on Friday afternoon. It was in the press by Monday. The school barely had time to figure out what was going on before people (one parent from what I’ve seen) started saying it wasn’t being dealt with. Then they came back after and said nothing had been done until the media got involved. Our kids on the team were so stressed going into the game last night it because of the perception of the school. I’m hoping this is done, but I’m also worried it isn’t over yet.

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